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    Test service

    Machinery industrial instrument materials products quality supervision and inspection center is a national specialized in technical services and consulting organizations test (calibration) Obtained the National Measurement Accreditation and institutional accreditation in 1999, Chongqing Municipal forensic license in 2000, and China National Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) for testing and calibration laboratory accreditation in 2001, issued by a third party with the domestic and international testing (calibration) reports ability and qualifications.



    Chemical analysis
    ◆ steel materials (structural steel, tool steel, special steel, stainless steel, spring steel, cast iron, cast iron, powder alloy) of major and trace element composition analysis
    ◆ Major and trace element composition analysis of metals and alloys
    ◆ copper and copper alloy (copper, brass, nickel alloy, bronze, etc.) Major and trace element composition analysis
    ◆ aluminum and aluminum alloy (wrought aluminum, cast aluminum, die-cast aluminum, aluminum, etc.) Major and trace element composition analysis
    ◆ nickel-based alloys (superalloys, corrosion resistant alloys, electric alloy) Major and trace element composition analysis
    ◆ cobalt-based alloy composition major and trace element analysis
    ◆ titanium-based alloys major and trace element composition analysis
    ◆ magnesium-based alloys major and trace element composition analysis
    ◆ C, S, N, H, O and other elements of the gas analysis
    ◆ Metal Coating Materials Analysis
    ◆ identification of unknown samples
    ◆ metallurgical analysis of the chemical composition of raw materials
    ◆ water bodies, environmental sample analysis
    ◆ density detection of metals and alloys
    Mechanical Properties
    ◆ metal tensile, bending, compression test at ambient temperature
    ◆ metal Charpy notched impact test at ambient/low temperature
    ◆metal Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers microhardness test at ambient temperature
    ◆ metal tensile, durable, creep test at high temperature
    Physical metallurgical
    ◆ metallurgical microstructure and low magnification inspection for metallic materials (ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, powder alloys, high temperature alloys, etc.)
    ◆ surface morphology of microscopic examination of samples
    ◆ infiltration surface of the metal cladding layer, coating thickness, effective hardened layer depth measurement
    ◆ elements of microscopic regions qualitative analysis, semi-quantitative analysis
    ◆ defective analysis for metal materials technology and product
    ◆ metal parts microscopic fracture analysis, waste analysis and failure analysis
    ◆Synchronization DSC thermal analysis (crystallization temperature, melting temperature, etc.)
    ◆corrosion testing of metallic materials
    ◆metal testing physical parameters (density, thermal expansion coefficient, etc.)
    ◆metal flow line analysis
    ◆ material corrosion test
    Performance Testing
    ◆ thermocouple materials, thermal resistance test thermoelectric properties of materials and components
    ◆ magnetic properties testing for magnetic materials and component
    ◆ resistance properties testing for resistive material and component performance
    ◆ elastic properties testing for material performance
    ◆ moisture and temperature alternative test for materials and components
    ◆ salt spray test for materials and components
    helium mass spectrometer leak detection for sealed components
    Identification Test
    ◆ qualification identification for mechanical products and metal parts
    ◆ Forensic for mechanical products and metal structure parts
    Calibration Service
    ◆ Universal caliper, micrometer, indicating meter calibration
    ◆ scales, calibration weights
    ◆ standard thermocouple, standard platinum resistance thermometer, working with a thermocouple, RTD calibration work with
    ◆ hardness tester calibration
    ◆ tensile testing machine calibration
    ◆ spectrophotometer calibration
    ◆ carbon and sulfur analyzer calibration